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trisomy på svenska - Engelska - Svenska Ordbok Glosbe

23 Mar 2021 Related to triskaidekaphobia, or fear of the number 13, this phobia has its origins in both religious belief and superstition. 16 Oct 2013 In Chinese culture, for example, the number four is eschewed because of its pronunciation's resemblance to the Chinese word for death. triskaidekaphobia - Meaning in Hindi, what is meaning of triskaidekaphobia in Hindi dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of triskaidekaphobia in   tris•kai•dek•a•pho•bi•a (tris′kī dek′ə fō′bē ə, tris′kə-),USA pronunciation n. Psychiatryfear or a phobia concerning the number 13.

Triskaidekaphobia pronunciation

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Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. triskaidekaphobia in British English. Posts about triskaidekaphobia written by Kalanjiam. Primary Menu.

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an abnormal fear of the number thirteen (7 of 204 words, 1 usage example, pronunciation). www .collinsdictionary .com /dictionary /english /triskaidekaphobia Triskaidekaphobia. Triskaidekaphobia is a 17 letter word, used as a noun, with Ancient Greek origins, and has the letters aaabdehiiikkoprst (abdehikoprst). Starts with t, ends with a, nine consonants, eight vowels and seven syllables.

Triskaidekaphobia pronunciation

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Spel. Radboud Sportcentrum. Sport. American English Pronunciation (Radboud) Finnegans triskaidekaphobia. Spel · A.J. Hogg Magic Moon  Trisiras · triskaidekaphobia · triskelion · Triskelion · trisodium phosphate; trisomy; Tristan Dictionary builder · Pronunciation recorder · Add translations in batch  trisaccharide · Trisha Yearwood · Trisiras · triskaidekaphobia; triskelion; Triskelion; trisodium phosphate · trisomy · Tristan · Tristan Albatross · Tristan Corbière  pronounced pronouncement pronouns pronunciation pronunciative pronunziamento triseme triskaidekaphobia triskaidekaphobic triskele Ravin' Girls Episode 13: Triskaidekaphobia.

Triskaidekaphobia pronunciation

Triskaidekaphobia is why some architects design buildings without a thirteenth floor. Have a definition for Triskaidekaphobia ? Write it here to share it with the entire community. Add Definition. The fear of the number 13.
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What does triskaidekaphobia mean? Triskaidekaphobia is defined as the fear of the number thirteen. (noun) An example of triskaidekahobia is a phobia of so Triskaidekaphobia (pronunciation: /ˌtrɪskaɪˌdɛkəˈfoʊbiə, ˌtrɪskə-/, tris-kye-dek-ə-foh-bee-ə or tris-kə-dek-ə-foh-bee-ə; from Greek tris meaning triskaidekaphobia pronunciation Pronunciation by neonvalley (Male from United Kingdom) 0 votes Good Bad. Add to favorites. Download MP3. Share. x.

‘That test included words to spell such as ‘revelry’ and ‘triskaidekaphobia.’’. More example sentences. ‘Surely Stoica could not have been suffering from triskaidekaphobia (that's fear of the number 13, for the trivia fans among you).’. Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of 13, a number commonly associated with bad luck in Western culture.
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While fear of the number 13 can be traced back to medieval times, the word Triskaidekaphobia itself is of recent vintage, having been first coined by … How can I put and write and define triskaidekaphobia in a sentence and how is the word triskaidekaphobia used in a sentence and examples? 用triskaidekaphobia造句, 用triskaidekaphobia造句, 用triskaidekaphobia造句, triskaidekaphobia meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by Ukrainian Pronunciation: Have a better pronunciation ?

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Alternative form of triskaidekaphobia. (noun) Triskaidekaphobia Meaning. We committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience. Triskaidekaphobia Meaning.


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The opening paragraph makes no opinion, correct. The verb "to die" and the number 4 may not be homonyms but the core character meaning death and one pronunciation … · Triskaidekaphobia, or the fear of the number thirteen, is illogical, but it feels very real for many sufferers and can be debilitating. The number thirteen is so anxiety-provoking that people who are afraid of it go out of their way to avoid seeing it.